June 2012


A MAN who sexually assaulted a nine-year-old girl by touching has been placed on three years of supervision.

Preston Crown Court heard that Derek Cutmore’s victim viewed him as a “bad man” who had done things to her which were “really wrong”.

The 44-year-old, of Mount Pleasant, Lindal, had pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault committed between January 1 and August 5 last year. The judge dealing with his case said he had orchestrated a situation where he could touch her in a sexual fashion. The court heard how the offences progressively came to light after the girl’s mother heard a radio article about child abuse and asked her about it.

Mr David Traynor, prosecuting, said on the first occasion, the defendant felt her thigh. Later, he put a hand on her neck, then her bottom and then her thigh. The touching was outside of her clothing.

Mr Richard Bennett, defending, said: “He accepts all the elements of the offences. He had difficulty accepting the sexual nature of his actions. The contact was limited. There was no contact with genitalia.”

Cutmore had spent five and a half months in custody, which was the equivalent of an 11-month jail term.

Judge Heather Lloyd told him in passing sentence that the girl had been inconsolable afterwards. She did not know if she would be believed and had suffered nightmares. She added: “It is clear to me you have no real concept of the damage you have done as a result of your criminal behaviour.’’

Part of the order will involve him living at a hostel in Carlisle. Cutmore will be subject to a sexual offences prevention order, banned from working with children and will be on the sex offenders register, all for five years.

DC Sarah McArthur, of Barrow CID, said: “Cutmore has admitted carrying out sexual assaults on an innocent nine-year-old girl.

“He abused her trust and groomed her over a period of time. He has stolen her childhood and now faces his punishment.’’