December 2008

Waltham Cross paedophile jailed

A PAEDOPHILE council worker from Waltham Cross who admitted possessing and distributing images of children being sexually abused has been jailed for four years.

Christopher Williams, 33, now of Madley Court, Broxbourne, was caught with more than 2,000 vile images and films of children.

At St Albans Crown Court today (Thursday December 4) Williams admitted 22 counts of making, possessing and distributing the images.

Prosecutor Jan Hayne said: “This defendant came to the attention of police because of an investigation in the United States.

“A man with the username Bardine had been arrested. His computer revealed that over a five-month period he had received 32 emails from this defendant.” 

Police raided Williams’ then home in Westminster Court, Waltham Cross, which he shared with his girlfriend. 

Mrs Hayne said that after his arrest last July, Williams tried to blame the porn on his partner, saying ‘I know what the other half is like’.

“He said he was in the process of splitting up with his girlfriend – who he met when she was 15 – and that they shared their e-mail address.

“When police questioned the defendant about images found on CD-roms at his home he said if he was sent images he would send them right back.

“He said that sort of thing made him feel sick.”

When police searched Williams’ home they found three CD-roms with 26moving images on them and 2,254 still pictures. The pictures featured children aged between 6 and 12.

Some 95 of the images were level two, 126 were level three and 111 level four. And four were level five, depicting the most serious sexual offences against children.

Mrs Hayne told the judge police also found a list of names, likely to be those of children, recording hair colour and bra size. Williams also kept a list of websites and e-mail addresses to obtain porn from.

They also found pictures on Williams’ camera of young girls in the car park behind his house.

Williams was bailed while police investigated on the condition that he did not go online.

However, in June this year, he visited a woman he met online.

“He logged on and first spoke to her at 4.30pm,” the prosecutor said. “By 12.30am the defendant was at this woman’s house.”

Williams visited the woman, who had two children aged 4 and 5, three times. On the final visit a social worker questioned Williams and discovered he was on bail for downloading child porn. 

Williams was re-arrested and remanded in custody in August after being reported by the social worker.

A letter from the defendant was read to the judge in which he said he was ashamed and that his family meant the world to him.

Judge Marie Catterson said: “In view in particular of your stark lack of insight into the crimes you have committed, and reluctance to accept responsibility, I would put you at high risk of re-offending.

“I am concerned about the risk of your offending escalating to a risk of contact.”

She also ordered a two-year licence period extension on the completion of Williams’ sentence and banned him from working with children or having contact with children on his release.