January 2014

Village divided as serial child abuser returns to work in wife’s pub


This is the serial child sex abuser who is now working behind the bar of a rural Irish pub in a case that has split a tiny village in two.

‘Black’ Simon Murphy (59), from Ramsgrange in Co. Wexford, has returned to work in the pub and restaurant owned by his wife after serving a lengthy jail term for sexually abusing four young girls.

The re-emergence of the sick paedophile has led to some locals boycotting The Hollow bar and seafood restaurant in Ramsgrange village, near the famous Hook Head.


However, hundreds of tourists who still flock to the pub – which is famous for its seafood – have no idea that the friendly barman serving them is one of the country’s most dangerous sex beasts, who even abused his own sister during a 25-year reign of terror and who local sources believe was part of a wider paedophile ring.

hollow bar

This week the pervert boasted to an undercover team how the restaurant was so packed for New Year’s Eve that it was no longer taking bookings.

However, while day-tripping tourists and holiday home owners from Dublin are ignorant of his sick past, locals are not and are snubbing the boozer in their droves.

Diehard supporters of Murphy’s wife Mary are still drinking there defying the boycott which is causing serious tensions in the community. 

The re-emergence of Simon Murphy has shocked local people, who were amazed when his wife stuck by him and allowed him to get involved again in the family pub.

It has also infuriated his victims and their families. One relative of a woman Murphy abused said: “It is disgusting to drive by that pub and know Simon Murphy is behind the bar.

He abused young girls over three decades and I don’t believe for a second that he is reformed and poses no danger to women. It has sickened the majority of the village, but there is a divide because some people still go there.” 

Murphy made the front pages of several newspapers in June 2006 when he went to the Supreme Court in an unsuccessful bid to be released early from an eight-year jail term.

The father-of-four admitted 42 counts of sexually abusing four girls, some for over a period of 25 years.

He began to rape his sister Nuala in 1969 when she was aged just 10 and was charged with six counts of unlawful carnal knowledge of her. However, she was far from the only victim. 

‘Black’ Simon was also charged with 24 counts of sexual assault on a victim who was from Dublin and one count of sexual assault of a girl who was 16 at the time of the offence.

He also admitted to seven counts of sexual assault and four of unlawful carnal knowledge of a fourth victim, who was only 13 when those offences occurred. 

The combined abuse occurred over a 25-year period, but local sources say there were far more victims than the four girls Murphy was convicted of sexually abusing. 

Nuala Murphy bravely waived her right to anonymity so that her evil brother could be publically identified. 

Tragically, Nuala was also sexually abused from the age of four by an uncle, Edward Ryan, from New Ross. He was jailed for eight years in connection with the abuse. 

Another victim, ‘Mary’, was just 12 when her four-year abuse ordeal began. She later became so depressed that she attempted to take her own life. 

In 2004 one of Murphy’s victims was awarded €600,000 damages by a jury as compensation for the six years of abuse she suffered from Murphy. However, the Supreme Court later reduced the amount to €350,000. 

Murphy then brazenly went to seek a refund of the costs of fighting the compensation award. This was rejected. 

Murphy is the father of two girls and twin boys.

Simon senior picked out girls to abuse and told them there was nothing wrong with what he was doing. 

Black Simon’s sister Nuala was forced to flee to the US after being disowned by her family at the age of 22 when she bravely came forward to tell gardai of what happened to her at the hands of Simon Murphy and her uncle. 

At the time of Simon’s conviction in June 2002, she told the court: “I felt so dirty and ashamed at what happened. I would cry and rock and rock myself for hours trying to go asleep. I would never know when he was going to pull me into some room and rape me.

“I came home on this occasion to break my silence so as to have Simon 

Murphy made known for what he really is. I did not want it to continue and happen to anyone else. I have been rejected by my family, but I had to bring the sexual abuse out into the open. 

“My family threatened that they would disown me if I brought this out into the open. I don’t want any other child to suffer what I had to.”

She explained how the majority of the abuse occurred as she slept in a bunk bed at night. She said Simon would tell her there was “nothing wrong” with what he was doing.

She began to abuse alcohol when she was 12 because of her ordeal.

She flew back to Wexford from America to see her brother sentenced and said that if she had gone to the gardai earlier she could have stopped three other young girls from being abused. 

She said: “My family have completely disowned me. They supported me when I confronted Simon and kept it within the family, but now they have isolated me.”

Simon Murphy told the court he was “very sorry” and he had “disgraced” everyone

June 2006

Murphy’s victims terrified by his bid for early release through legal loophole

SERIAL child abuser Simon Murphy applied for release following the Supreme Court decision on the law on underage sex just seven months ahead of the day he was due to leave jail.

Despite the closeness of his release date in December, the possibility of the Wexford father-of-four’s early freedom terrified his four victims – including his own sister.

His sister who suffered a litany of abuse at his hands from the age of 10, spoke of her ‘horror’ at the news of his application for release.

Another victim ‘Mary’ said she was still grappling with the fact that he was already due out later this year.

Murphy (53), of Ramsgrange in New Ross, Co Wexford, is serving the final months of an eight-year sentence for crimes including the unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under 15. In June 2002 he was sentenced to eight years (two suspended) on 42 counts of sexually abusing four girls.

Known locally as ‘Black Simon’, he was charged with six counts of unlawful carnal knowledge of his sister Nuala between 1969 and 1971, starting when she was 10. He was also charged with 24 counts of sexual assault on a Dublin woman, one count of sexual assault on a then 16-year-old and seven counts of sexual assault and four of unlawful carnal knowledge of a fourth victim, who was 13 when the offences occurred.

He had served four years in jail when he made his application for release.

His sister, who now lives in the US, was also abused by her uncle, Edward Ryan of Bodherin, New Ross, Co Wexford, from the age of four. He was also sentenced to eight years, with two years suspended, for sexually abusing her from the age of four.

The woman, who comes from a family of eight children, said the majority of the sexual abuse occurred in her bedroom, at night while her sister slept in the bunk beside her. She turned to alcohol at the age of 12.

It was pointed out in court following Murphy’s recent application for release that he could not have been ignorant of the age of his victim – one of the main reasons why the controversial section of the law on unlawful carnal knowledge was struck out.

Victim ‘Mary’ was just 12 when her horrific four-year abuse ordeal began.

Now 27, she later admitted she felt so depressed that she tried to kill herself.

A father to two girls and twin boys, Murphy was married for over 20 years when he first appeared in court. His wife ran a small family pub and restaurant at the time.

June 2002

Publican sent to prison for sexual abuse of sister

A Wexford publican and shopkeeper was yesterday sentenced to eight years in prison for sexually abusing his sister and three other girls.

Simon Murphy (49), a father of four, of The Hollow, Ramsgrange, New Ross, had pleaded guilty to 42 counts of sexual abuse and unlawful carnal knowledge over 25 years.