Convicted Serial sex offender is prime suspect for one of Ireland’s most shocking cold-case sex crimes

THIS is dangerous rapist Noel Long – the prime suspect for one of Ireland’s most shocking cold-case sex crimes. Three decades ago the burly biker was charged with the death of mum-of-three Nora Sheehan. The frail and vulnerable woman was raped and strangled with her own summer dress and then dumped in a forest in 1981. But Harley-loving brute Long beat a murder rap and never went to trial because a key member of the forensic team died.

The leather-wearing former army cadet was only 20 when he committed his first violent sexual attack on an innocent woman. He was convicted of indecent assault and got a six-month suspended sentence after he dragged a 23-year-old woman with special needs into a derelict house in Crosshaven in Cork, where he raped and beat her.

Four years later years later he pulled a 16-year-old into a car while she walked her dog. He assaulted her and attempted to rape her but was caught in the act by a brave passerby who rescued her. At the time he was sentenced to 12 months in prison. A year before Nora’s murder, Long was chief suspect in a savage rape and attack on a 25-year-old in Cork.

He lives at Maulbaun in Passage West