Dutch Pro-paedophile party banned and now unbanned !

April 2013

Dutch court overturns paedophile association ban

Founder and former chairman Ad van de Berg (pictured above) is currently in jail for child abuse images offences.

Dutch paedophile group Martijn, which argues for society’s acceptance of consensual sex between children and adults, cannot be banned, an appeals court said on Tuesday, overturning a 2012 ruling.

“According to the court of appeal, the work of the association is contradictory to public order but there is no threat of disrupting society,” the Arnhem-Leeuwarden court in the north of the country said.

The decision came after the head of the association, Martijn Uittenbogaard, appealed a June ruling by a court in nearby Assen banning the group, which has around 60 members.

Martijn Uittenbogaard

The head of the organisation, Martijn Uittenbogaard, (pictured above) said the group’s 60 members would meet to  decide what to do next.

Founded in 1982, the association lobbies for the acceptance of paedophilia but says it is fiercely opposed to any form of sexual abuse.

The appeals court ruled that the fact that some members had previous convictions for sexual abuse was not the association’s responsibility and it had never committed a criminal act.

Words and images on the association’s website are legal and do not advise people to have sex with children, the court said.

Nevertheless, the association is against some principles of Dutch law as it “makes banal the dangers of sexual contact with young children, speaks well of such contact, even glorifies it”, the court said.

But this would not lead to a “disruption” of society, a required condition for an association to be banned, as society is “sufficiently capable of defending itself against undesirable utterances or reprehensible (but not punishable) behaviour”, it said.

Following the ruling, the head of the association tweeted: “Luckily there are still some wise judges.”

A court in Leeuwarden in 2011 declined to pursue criminal proceedings against the association, despite the malaise the group caused even in the liberal-minded Netherlands.

The group’s former head Ad van den Berg was sentenced to three years in jail in 2011 for possession of child pornography.

June 2012 - Court bans paedophile group

A Dutch foundation which campaigns for legalised sex between children and adults has been banned by a Dutch court after years of legal wrangling.

A civil court in Assen on Wednesday banned the paedophile lobby group Stichting Martijn with immediate effect, saying what the foundation does and says about the sexual contact between adults and children contravenes the accepted norms and values in Dutch society.

The foundation’s wish to legalise paedophilia goes against the rule of law and the rights of children, the court said. ‘The Dutch legal system should not give this position any room,’ the Volkskrant quoted the judges as saying.


There have been several efforts to have the organisation banned in the past.

The public prosecution department said last year it could not ban the group, even though at least eight of its current and former officials have convictions for child abuse. Later the department decided to try to have the group disbanded in the civil courts and that campaign has now proved successful.

‘Martijn relishes sex with children and regard this as normal and acceptable. That contracts the fundamental values in the Dutch legal system,’ the court said.

Martijn was founded in 1982. It hit the headlines in 2007 after publishing pictures of crown prince Willem-Alexander’s children on its website. It was ordered to remove them on a court order.

Profile of Ad van den Berg (politician)

Adriaan Pieter (Ad) van den Berg ( Rotterdam , 18 March 1944 ) is a Dutch founder of a political party . 

He is the co-founder and was treasurer of the former Dutch political party Party for Charity, Freedom and Diversity ,  popularly known as the pedo party. This name came about because the party sought to legalize sex from 12 years. Van den Berg is currently Chairman of the Association MARTIJN .

Van den Berg came on 31 May 2006 into disrepute after the cameras of the news show NOVA explained what his newly formed party stood for, and that he himself had paedophilic feelings. According to Van den Berg, prevails in the Netherlands a taboo on paedophilia and that it has been “silenced”. He believes that children “themselves should decide whether or not they are ready for sex . “


There were threats made by opponents of his former holiday home in the municipality Westvoorne . 


In 1987 , Van den Berg was convicted of fornication with an eleven year old boy.  He received a fine of 1000 guilders and a one month suspended prison sentence . The current affairs program Netwerk heard of Van den Berg in October 2006 and that he still has relationships with minors .  In his own words, these relationships were purely platonic .


In March 2011 it was announced that Ad van den Berg had been arrested in connection with possession of child abuse images. On 4 April, the association announced that Van den Berg had not eaten since 29 March and had no insulin as a protest at his state of affairs.  In response, Van den Berg spoke about a search on his house. He called the state of affairs discrimination for paedophiles and spoke of preventing research.

On October 4, 2011, during the trial of Van Den Berg, four years imprisonment was demanded by the prosecution, of which he got 8 months suspended with probation for five years. He had 150,000 photos and 7500 videos of child abuse images in his possession, and about 12,000 photos which he himself took. The prosecutor said the photos were “very shocking”. 

On November 24, 2011 the civil court banned the association MARTIJN