How to Protect Kids from Paedophiles?

It is quite unfortunate that we are living in an age where child abuse is so common. When we hear any news on child abuse we feel scared but not surprised. In this scenario, the parents and teachers need to be alert of any suspicious activity going around their children. Unguarded kids become easy prey to paedophiles. Some of the reports show that in modern times most of the child abusers or paedophiles are very active on social media to keep an eye on every activity of the small kids.

How can anyone protect our children from these paedophiles? Can we take any measures to protect our children from them?

The answer is YES. There are certain measures we can take to prevent our children from falling victim to child abuse.

Active Involvement in the Child’s Life.

You should be very observant of all the activities of your child. If your child is going out with friends then you should know all the details of those friends. You should also be aware if they frequently come in contact with any specific adult and should know how they are spending time at a friend’s house.

In most cases, paedophiles lure those children whose parents don’t pay much attention to them. In a real case, a serial killer Robert Black was a pedophile and he attracted the kids whose parents didn’t pay much attention to their activities. He promised those kids to show them a kitten. He sexually abused those kids and eventually murdered them mercilessly.

Private parts are No-touch Zone

Body boundaries should be clearly explained to the child. It should be understood by the children that no one can touch their private parts and also they should not touch other’s private parts. Generally, parents forget to warn about the second …

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Problem and Solution of Paedeophilia

Paedophilia is a mental disorder in which the individual gets involved in sexual fantasies with younger kids aging between 12-14 years or even less. A paedophilic person prey on girls, boys, or both and the victim can be children or adults.

The Mind of a Paedophilic

Initially, Paedophiles begins with imagining the sexual fantasies with videos and photos of the children but gradually their lust increase. After some time they start abusing and raping the vulnerable kids. In some cases, they forcefully make porn videos of the kids.

Social Media- The New Peeping Hole of Child Abusers

Generally, parents casually share their children’s pictures on social media sites. They share photographs of their kids without shirts, pants, or sometimes they share even nude pictures of their little kids. They share videos showing their kids playing with their pet puppies or kittens without proper clothes. They never realize that capturing a funny moment can put their children’s life at risk. Paedophiles hide behind the social platform and collect these pictures. They also find out the location of the child and wait for the right moment to prey on them.

How Can We Protect Our Kids from Child Abuse?

Generally, young children do not fully understand sexual harassment. When they come across such an experience they usually fail to explain it clearly though they somehow realize that something wrong is happening with them. They do not feel comfortable and rather feel frightened in the situation.

The solution to the above problem is early sex education. Parents should teach children about their body parts and especially about their private parts. They should be clearly instructed not to allow anybody to touch their private parts. They should also be instructed not to touch anybody else’s private parts, as well.

How Should We Treat a

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Talking Angela: Was your Favorite Kitten a Face of Paedophile Ring?

Talking Angela is one of the most famous games played by the children. It is an entertaining app. A virtual animated british shorthair kittens plays with children. This cute faced british short hair Angela repeat the words that children speak while playing. Children can do chatting through artificial intelligence chatbots. So, what was the controversy that raised about this cute talking kitten?

Allegations Leveled Against the Talking Angela Game

A publisher alleged that the Talking Angela was the face of a hidden paedophile ring. The publisher of the news requested not to download the app in any condition because a hacker was sitting behind the camera and hacking all the pics of the users. Besides, it was hacking even the list of their friends. It claimed that Angela asked some personal questions that are sometimes inappropriate and even perverted.  Parents were horrified after hearing the shocking news.

Justifications offered by the Company

Randeep Sidhu, Senior Brand Director and Samo Login, Chief Executive of the company talked to the parents and informed that the incorrect news was circulated by a Facebook hoax to spoil the image of Facebook. They informed the parents that Facebook already had millions of users and there was no need for them to use such unethical means to increase their clientele. They re-asserted that the allegations were unrealistic and baseless.

Samo firmly put his point of view in front of the parents and requested them to install the app on their devices and use it for at least a short period. He also requested them to use all the features of Angela including chatting to the virtual cat using the chatbot. Samo bet that even when the parents chat for the first time they would also feel as if they were talking to a real person behind …

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Moor’s Crime, Paedophilia, and its Cure

There was an incident that took place between 1963 and 1965. It was about Ian Brady and Myra Hindley who sexually assaulted five young children and finally killed them. They buried four of the victims on Saddleworth Moor in the South Pennines. In 1966, they confessed only three murders at the time of trial. Later in 1985, they confessed to two more murders.

This incident is known as Moor’s crime. In the mid-1970s after getting extensive coverage of Moor’s crime the paedophile or pedophilia terms began to be used in law dictionaries also.

Ruthless and Irresponsible Childhood Behavior

Many articles were published to prove the outrageous and careless behavior of Brady and Hindley during their childhood days. These articles showed that Brady was very cruel to kittens and other animals and when he was 9 years old he cut the head of four rabbits.

Hindley was remembered as a  bad girl using offensive language, visiting illegal night outs, and having manly characteristics. These personality traits of both Brady & Hindley defined their improper upbringing and uncommon behavior.

After digging more deeply about the behavioral issues of Brady and Hindley some surprising facts came into the limelight. It was realized that they both were paedophiles.

What is paedophile? Can’t, we offer any help to paedophile patients and counsel them for their behavior and save the children from sexual abuse and finally their lives?

What is Paedophilia?

Paedophilia is a congenital disorder in which a person feels intense sexual urges, sexual fantasies involving children of 12-13 years or younger. Paedophile person can be attracted to children or adults. They can be girls, boys, or both.

Treatment of Paedophilia

Treatment of paedophile takes a long time to cure.

  • Psychiatrists use anti-androgen drugs to treat paedophilic patients.
    • The drugs temporarily stop the sexual urge
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Paedophile Robert: A serial killer

Rober Black paedophile was a serial killer of innocent children. He attracted children by assuring them to show cute bengal cats. Innocent children used to get trapped and eventually got sexually abused and murdered.

Robert accepted that he raped and killed four young girls, but police were pretty much sure that the counting can be much more than that. He was caught by police on Scottish Borders in 1990 when he was carrying a 6-year-old girl into a Ford Transit Van.

Robert’s Audio Confession

An Audio clip of Robert Black reveals all his crimes. In the audio, he can be heard telling how he would kill the children. He unveils how he lured the children to show kittens. This audio recording was taken by Ray Wyre, a Sex Offender Counselor. Robert is probably the worst child killer in Britain.

The audio clip of his counseling session is used in the first episode of CBS Reality’s series as the Voice of a Serial Killer. Police did not prove any murder charges on Robert but they are very sure that Robert killed Genette Tate and other girls.

Is Paedophilia a psychiatric disorder?

Almost all people think that paedophiles should be thrown into jail. They should not be forgiven. But no one thinks about helping them.

Paul Jones, father of April Jones who was raped and then killed by a paedophile says that we can save our children from sexual harassment if we offer help to the paedophiles. It is a mental disorder by birth and it can not change over time. It is in the core like any other sexual orientation or disorientation.

Can Paedophilics live a normal life?

Dr. Paul Fedoroff, director of the Sexual Behaviours Clinic at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre is very much confident that he can …

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Database for UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers

Facts/Stats on Child abuse

Febuary 2013 – Now OVER 18,000 UK “Paedophiles/child abusers now profiled on this database – Search by offender/area or profession – Search bar and catergory drop down menu on right >>>>>

April 2012

Key child protection statistics

MORE than 400 children are sexually abused every week in Britain — one every 20 MINUTES, a shock investigation has revealed

The 43 police forces in England and Wales recorded 23,097 child sex offences in 2011. That included rape, incest, child prostitution and pornography.

The annual figure is equivalent to 444 attacks a week — or one kiddie abused every 20 minutes.

Just as worryingly, only 2,135 of offences reported — ten per cent — led to someone actually being convicted and sentenced. Thousands of paedos escape scot-free.

Thames Valley Police, covering Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, had the second highest child abuse figures, with 1,264 offences. Last month the force smashed an alleged child sex ring in the university city of Oxford. It is claimed 24 victims — some as young as 11 — were groomed, drugged and raped over a period of six years.

More than 1,470 of the national total were aged five and under, 4,973 were ten to five and 14,819 were between 11 and 17. Six times as many girls (19,790) were abused as boys (3,218)

Breakdown of abuse

1% of children aged under 16 experienced sexual abuse by a parent or carer, and a further 3% by another relative during childhood.

11% of children aged under 16 experienced sexual abuse during childhood by people known but unrelated to them.

5% of children aged under 16 experienced sexual abuse during childhood by an adult stranger or someone they had just met.

In total, 16% of children aged under 16 experienced sexual abuse during childhood. 11% 

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