It is quite unfortunate that we are living in an age where child abuse is so common. When we hear any news on child abuse we feel scared but not surprised. In this scenario, the parents and teachers need to be alert of any suspicious activity going around their children. Unguarded kids become easy prey to paedophiles. Some of the reports show that in modern times most of the child abusers or paedophiles are very active on social media to keep an eye on every activity of the small kids.

How can anyone protect our children from these paedophiles? Can we take any measures to protect our children from them?

The answer is YES. There are certain measures we can take to prevent our children from falling victim to child abuse.

Active Involvement in the Child’s Life.

You should be very observant of all the activities of your child. If your child is going out with friends then you should know all the details of those friends. You should also be aware if they frequently come in contact with any specific adult and should know how they are spending time at a friend’s house.

In most cases, paedophiles lure those children whose parents don’t pay much attention to them. In a real case, a serial killer Robert Black was a pedophile and he attracted the kids whose parents didn’t pay much attention to their activities. He promised those kids to show them a kitten. He sexually abused those kids and eventually murdered them mercilessly.

Private parts are No-touch Zone

Body boundaries should be clearly explained to the child. It should be understood by the children that no one can touch their private parts and also they should not touch other’s private parts. Generally, parents forget to warn about the second part and paedophiles take advantage of this. In most cases, sexual abuse starts by asking children to touch them and not the other way round as mostly understood.

Listen to the Inner Voice

Teach your children to listen to their inner voice. Inner voice protects us from any harm. If your child feels uncomfortable in any situation they should immediately leave that place. If your child doesn’t want to be with someone do not force them instead listen to their problem carefully.

Final Words

Alertness and awareness are the keys to protect your kids from any mishappening. However, if you find out that your child has been sexually abused by a paedophile then immediately start consoling your child and consult with a pediatrician. Get the identity of the paedophile and take action to avoid repetition with some other child.