There was an incident that took place between 1963 and 1965. It was about Ian Brady and Myra Hindley who sexually assaulted five young children and finally killed them. They buried four of the victims on Saddleworth Moor in the South Pennines. In 1966, they confessed only three murders at the time of trial. Later in 1985, they confessed to two more murders.

This incident is known as Moor’s crime. In the mid-1970s after getting extensive coverage of Moor’s crime the paedophile or pedophilia terms began to be used in law dictionaries also.

Ruthless and Irresponsible Childhood Behavior

Many articles were published to prove the outrageous and careless behavior of Brady and Hindley during their childhood days. These articles showed that Brady was very cruel to kittens and other animals and when he was 9 years old he cut the head of four rabbits.

Hindley was remembered as a  bad girl using offensive language, visiting illegal night outs, and having manly characteristics. These personality traits of both Brady & Hindley defined their improper upbringing and uncommon behavior.

After digging more deeply about the behavioral issues of Brady and Hindley some surprising facts came into the limelight. It was realized that they both were paedophiles.

What is paedophile? Can’t, we offer any help to paedophile patients and counsel them for their behavior and save the children from sexual abuse and finally their lives?

What is Paedophilia?

Paedophilia is a congenital disorder in which a person feels intense sexual urges, sexual fantasies involving children of 12-13 years or younger. Paedophile person can be attracted to children or adults. They can be girls, boys, or both.

Treatment of Paedophilia

Treatment of paedophile takes a long time to cure.

  • Psychiatrists use anti-androgen drugs to treat paedophilic patients.
    • The drugs temporarily stop the sexual urge of the patient.
  • Furthermore, individual or group psychotherapy sessions are organized for the patient to motivate to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Results of treatment may vary with each individual. Some patients adopt changes very fast while others may take more time.
    • Once they start to adopt the changes, the drug doses are minimized and finally stopped.
    • Slowly and gradually they fully accept the new lifestyle and their sexual life comes back to normal.

Final Words

Imposing punishment like imprisonment to the paedophilies is not a solution to the problem. It will not change their paedophilic behavioral issues. Timely alertness, proper counseling, and medication will definitely help them get rid of their disorder and also make the surroundings safer for the children. Besides, it will also allow these individuals to live a normal life.