Rober Black paedophile was a serial killer of innocent children. He attracted children by assuring them to show cute bengal cats. Innocent children used to get trapped and eventually got sexually abused and murdered.

Robert accepted that he raped and killed four young girls, but police were pretty much sure that the counting can be much more than that. He was caught by police on Scottish Borders in 1990 when he was carrying a 6-year-old girl into a Ford Transit Van.

Robert’s Audio Confession

An Audio clip of Robert Black reveals all his crimes. In the audio, he can be heard telling how he would kill the children. He unveils how he lured the children to show kittens. This audio recording was taken by Ray Wyre, a Sex Offender Counselor. Robert is probably the worst child killer in Britain.

The audio clip of his counseling session is used in the first episode of CBS Reality’s series as the Voice of a Serial Killer. Police did not prove any murder charges on Robert but they are very sure that Robert killed Genette Tate and other girls.

Is Paedophilia a psychiatric disorder?

Almost all people think that paedophiles should be thrown into jail. They should not be forgiven. But no one thinks about helping them.

Paul Jones, father of April Jones who was raped and then killed by a paedophile says that we can save our children from sexual harassment if we offer help to the paedophiles. It is a mental disorder by birth and it can not change over time. It is in the core like any other sexual orientation or disorientation.

Can Paedophilics live a normal life?

Dr. Paul Fedoroff, director of the Sexual Behaviours Clinic at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre is very much confident that he can cure paedophile by using anti-androgen drugs. It temporarily makes the person sexually inactive. The therapy is accompanied by a few counseling sessions to suggest the patient follow a healthy lifestyle.

Once the person adopts this lifestyle then they stop anti-androgen drugs. Slowly their sex drives come back to normal and they can enjoy a healthy relationship with their partners.

Final Words

Lack of awareness about a particular behavior being a type of psychiatric disorder can lead to serious repercussions, both to the patient and their victims. The incident of Black forces us to think that not only we should be alert about the presence of paedophiles in our vicinity but also behave sympathetically with them and offer them help by recommending them to see a psychiatrist for the treatment of the disorder.