Paedophilia is a mental disorder in which the individual gets involved in sexual fantasies with younger kids aging between 12-14 years or even less. A paedophilic person prey on girls, boys, or both and the victim can be children or adults.

The Mind of a Paedophilic

Initially, Paedophiles begins with imagining the sexual fantasies with videos and photos of the children but gradually their lust increase. After some time they start abusing and raping the vulnerable kids. In some cases, they forcefully make porn videos of the kids.

Social Media- The New Peeping Hole of Child Abusers

Generally, parents casually share their children’s pictures on social media sites. They share photographs of their kids without shirts, pants, or sometimes they share even nude pictures of their little kids. They share videos showing their kids playing with their pet puppies or kittens without proper clothes. They never realize that capturing a funny moment can put their children’s life at risk. Paedophiles hide behind the social platform and collect these pictures. They also find out the location of the child and wait for the right moment to prey on them.

How Can We Protect Our Kids from Child Abuse?

Generally, young children do not fully understand sexual harassment. When they come across such an experience they usually fail to explain it clearly though they somehow realize that something wrong is happening with them. They do not feel comfortable and rather feel frightened in the situation.

The solution to the above problem is early sex education. Parents should teach children about their body parts and especially about their private parts. They should be clearly instructed not to allow anybody to touch their private parts. They should also be instructed not to touch anybody else’s private parts, as well.

How Should We Treat a Paedophilic?

Most people feel that a paedophilic should be kept behind the bars and should be punished severely. However, Mr. Paul Jones whose son April Jones was raped and then killed by a paedophile, have totally different view. He says that the only way to protect kids from sexual abuse is to offer help to a paedophile. He tells that this sexual disorder in an individual is by birth and can, fortunately, be treated.

Final Words

Always keep in mind that child abuse is generally done by some known person. And another important point to note that not only your girl child but your male child is also at risk. So BE ALERT and at the same time has a sympathetic view towards the paedophilic and help them to get the treatment of this congenital sexual disorder.