Talking Angela is one of the most famous games played by the children. It is an entertaining app. A virtual animated british shorthair kittens plays with children. This cute faced british short hair Angela repeat the words that children speak while playing. Children can do chatting through artificial intelligence chatbots. So, what was the controversy that raised about this cute talking kitten?

Allegations Leveled Against the Talking Angela Game

A publisher alleged that the Talking Angela was the face of a hidden paedophile ring. The publisher of the news requested not to download the app in any condition because a hacker was sitting behind the camera and hacking all the pics of the users. Besides, it was hacking even the list of their friends. It claimed that Angela asked some personal questions that are sometimes inappropriate and even perverted.  Parents were horrified after hearing the shocking news.

Justifications offered by the Company

Randeep Sidhu, Senior Brand Director and Samo Login, Chief Executive of the company talked to the parents and informed that the incorrect news was circulated by a Facebook hoax to spoil the image of Facebook. They informed the parents that Facebook already had millions of users and there was no need for them to use such unethical means to increase their clientele. They re-asserted that the allegations were unrealistic and baseless.

Samo firmly put his point of view in front of the parents and requested them to install the app on their devices and use it for at least a short period. He also requested them to use all the features of Angela including chatting to the virtual cat using the chatbot. Samo bet that even when the parents chat for the first time they would also feel as if they were talking to a real person behind that virtual cat. But after some time they could easily understand that it is a semi-intelligent chat behind the scene.

They informed the parents that the app was operating only through the device of the users. In fact, there was no communication with the servers at all. And every conversation was pre-scripted with a programmed intelligence.

He also informed the parents that the objective of collecting the information is to know the popularity of different topics. He also informed them that they remove all the personal information before transferring the data into the server.

Final Words

Claiming Talking  Angela cat to be the face of a paedophile ring was a clear example of using cheap methods to win over the competition. Facebook took the right steps to clarify its position to protect its image of being an honest and ethical company.